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Diagnostic Medical Sonography [26 Nov 2010|07:10pm]


I'm looking to apply to the Diagnostic Megical Ultrasound program, most likely in 2010, and was wondering if anyone here is or has taken it? Opinions, reviews??


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Some questions [18 Nov 2010|11:21am]

Hi there, i'm interested(by that, i mean i am absolutely obsessed with the idea of going out to Dalhousie come september) in applying at Dal for social sciences, Dal offers great programs i haven't been able to find anywhere else. I just have a couple of questions i would like answered before i even go out there to visit.

1)I fell in love with Sheirrif hall, and it says that it's co-ed as well as female only. I actually would hate to be in a female-only floor, does anyone know if i can specify this when i fill out my residence application.
2)Maybe it's very cliche of me, but being a first year student i do want to party, and i do want to whole experience of res. i'm from Hamilton, and i love partying at MAC, they let you get as drunk as you can handle, as long as your not causing problems, or have open alcohol in the halls. is it like that for everyschool? All of the people i party with at Mac are underage, so i was wondering if Dal was kind of laid back about that too
3)What are the malls there? I love shopping, and i would love to know what's the shopping/restaurant scene there
4)I really want a roommate, just for the fact that it would be nice to have like an initial friend, seeing as i'm going to be more than 20 hours away from home, and going there all alone. Is it wise for me to want a roommate? Do they match us up effectively, or will i end up with my worst enemy? I normally like everysingle person i meet, which is why i think i could learn to love my roomie
5)Does the school have any deals on flights? since when i come home, i will have to fly home.
6)Most schools are now having 2 reading weeks. Does Dal have two?...or are they considering it for next year?
7)Is it realistic for me to think that i can come home once a month? All my savings i'm going to use for flying home, but is it realistic for me to have the time to come home? I wouldn't come home in september or November-so not exactly every month
8)Is frosh week a great platform to meet people? I'm extremely social, but there is still that nagging feeling that i won't meet anyone-since like i mentioned, i'm going there by myself.

Thank you, sorry that was so long
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University Graduates' Debt Loads at Critical Level - A Solution? [05 Nov 2010|12:24am]

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Hey guys!

Now, I don't go to Dalhousie, but I have obtained mod permission to post this, so, s'all good.

I'm here to inform you of STREP, a little group we've started at the University of Lethbridge. We're concerned about the critical levels of debt associated with obtaining a university education. Many student groups have tried rallying their universities for lower tuition, but have been unsuccessful. Our group understands the reason behind this as normal university growth and staff wage increases as a reason that tuition will not be lowered.

These critical levels of debt that graduates have not only affect the individual, but also the population as a whole. Graduates wanting to buy a house after school are unable to as they cannot get approved for a mortgage with that high of a pre-existing debt load. Because these graduates are unable to buy a home, they put off having children, contributing to the decline in our population as well as Canada's dependency on immigrant workers. If we want Canada's people to grow and prosper we need a solution or we will have even less professionals - such as nurses, doctors, engineers, designers, etc.

Our student group believes that it has a solution. When tradespeople are required to return to school they are given unemployment insurance to cover their living expenses. Why aren't university students given the same? Some argue that it's because tradespeople are forced to return to school and that they can't continue working without going back. The same can be said for university students - you can't work in your field with only your first year of university. The seemingly obvious solution here is to give university students employment insurance to cover their living expenses while in school. In the end, there will be more people able to attend university, get high paying jobs, help with the housing market, reproduce the population quicker, and pay more back into employment insurance.

We realize that this probably won't be the most popular idea with the government, but something needs to be done. Please visit our Facebook group or view or YouTube video below to help support this initiative.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/home.php?sk=group_127951243926970&ap=1

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOPZ6-wQqS8

Thank you!

STREP - Pass it on!
STudents Requiring Employment insurance Payments

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SMU Women Centre: First Weekly Film Screening [14 Oct 2010|01:31am]

The SMU Women’s Centre and the International Development Grad Society

Presents a screening of...

Born into Brothels:

Calcutta's Red Light Kids

A 2004 American documentary film about the children of prostitutes in Sonagachi, Kolkata's red light district.

Date: Thursday October 14th

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Location: Burke Building, Theatre B

Description: Briski, a documentary photographer, went to Kolkata (Calcutta) to photograph prostitutes. While there, she befriended their children and offered to teach the children photography to reciprocate being allowed to photograph their mothers. The children were given cameras so they could learn photography and possibly improve their lives. Much of their work was used in the film, and the filmmakers recorded the classes as well as daily life in the red light district.
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Student Apartments: Roommate needed [30 Jun 2010|10:50pm]

Hi guys!

I'm looking for a roommate for next September for my 3 bedroom duplex on Connaught ave. It's super close to dalhousie and near all the major bus routes. I'm hoping to get a student with similar interests so if your looking for a place check out this photo set (sorry about the mess, my roommate was out of town).

If you have questions or anything feel free to comment or message me.
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Law Admissions Seminar coming up at Dal [15 Mar 2010|11:28am]

Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions will be holding a "Dos and Don'ts of Law school admissions" on Tuesday, March 23rd at 6pm at Dalhousie in the McCain Bldg rm. 2184

This event is free and open to anyone who is interested in learning about the admissions process. Students can sign up at www.kaptest.com or by calling 1-800-kaptest.com to reserve a seat.
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[07 Nov 2009|02:54pm]

 Hey everyone. :] I'm a first year student at U of T. I live at home because I'm only 20 minutes from campus. But I think it's time for me to move on~ you know what I mean? Anyway, Dalhousie is one of the schools I'm considering transferring to. I've been looking around online but I can't seem to find any opinions about the school. I just want to know about the classes, life in Halifax, residence. Stuff like that. I guess just a general overview. Anything you say will help! :] 
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Happy New (School) Year! [17 Aug 2009|07:54pm]

We've got another school year sneaking up on us, so it's time for that mad scramble! Got your looseleaf? Laptop/Desktop all primed up for all-nighter typing frenzies to plow through that report you forgot about? Got enough pens to last you through till the midterm replenishment?

Anybody do anything special to get ready for the new year?

And don't forget! No more credit card payments accepted as of September 1st! Let me know if anybody's planning a revolution on account of that, alright?
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Sumner break [01 Jun 2009|04:34pm]

Having been in Dalhousie for so long, I've been wondering. What do you folks do during summer break?
Personally, I've remained in Halifax with summer jobs for the past few years.
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Congratulations to Graduates [19 May 2009|02:01am]

Convocations start today. Bear with it, and you'll be free! Congrats and good luck on your future ventures!
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Opinions for Living?? [22 Apr 2009|07:26am]

My boyfriend of many years and I are moving to Halifax to attend Dalhousie (or well, for me to attend Dalhousie) in August - and we've decided to live at Ogilvie on the Park. We've done a lot of internet research for other options (as far as I can tell) and I think this is a good fit for us. We've spoken with the property management people and the building supervisor and all that, and it sounds great, but I am still doing this long distance so I was wondering if anyone had any personal experiences that I should be aware of? Or nods of approval??

Thank you so much!! And see you in three months!!

EDIT: After some very insightful replies, it seems like maybe Ogilvie isn't the best fit for us... Does anyone have other opinions/personal experiences at other buildings? Previously, we've looked at Somerset Place and The Welsford (both with Cap Reit management company), as well as the Morris St buildings and Pepperell St buildings with Southwest management company - if anyone has opinions on those in particular =)

About us: We're willing to pay up to $900 for a 1 bedroom and up to $1000 for a 1 bedroom and den, we prefer carpet. He will be working at the Bay (at West End Mall) or in Dartmouth depending where he gets his transfer and we are intending on getting a car for him, unless public transit works out well. I intend on public transit/walking/biking to Dalhousie. And, like everyone else, we like trouble-free, convenient, clean living. We don't have pets (but might if we could) and I am rather bugs/spiders-phobic. We're relaxed, quiet, homey people, and don't really like to hear our neighbours. Convenience and quality of suite/building is important, but we do realize there is a price that comes with it.
(The choice of Ogilvie on the Park was very much the fact that it wasn't a brick building - we don't have anything against brick buildings, it's really just that there are little/no brick buildings in Vancouver and we didn't know what to expect from brick building living if it's any different... If anyone could reassure me that brick buildings are awesome and/or suitable)?
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Wanna live with me??? [18 Apr 2009|09:09am]


I'm a born-and-raised Nova Scotian moving back home in September for grad school at Dalhousie, and I'm looking for a place to live :)

I'm looking to share with two or three roommates, preferably older students (22+ ish, I'm almost 25), or at least, not party-people (sorry, I'm old and boring!). I have a cat, who is afraid of everything, so you'd never see her!

I've been stalking the Dal and SMU off-housing pages, but if anyone knows of other places to look, let me know!

I'll be in Halifax the first week of May, so I'm hoping to find a place/sign a lease/whatever then *crosses fingers*

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[07 Apr 2009|07:46pm]

Hey I'm Liz and I'm going to be attending Dal in the Fall.

Are there any vegans out there?

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Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group [30 Mar 2009|01:49am]

Hello Dalhousie,

For a moment I thought: "I am surprised that no one in the Dal community has posted anything about this" but then I thought maybe I should say something.

NSPIRG is a highly respected, community-based, student organization dedicated to informing the Dalhousie student body and general public in environmental and social matters that might otherwise fly under the radar. The group's stated mandate is "to link research with action for social and environmental justice within an anti-oppression framework." Since 1990 their office has been located at the SUB building and the bulk of their funding has come from the Dalhousie community.

Recently they have come under fire from "a group of students led by a recruiter for the provincial Young Progressive Conservatives (The Coast)," who have been circulating a petition in an attempt to undermine NSPIRG's funding, office, and cripple their ability to inform students and the public about current issues.

At 10:00 AM today, there will be a press conference in Room 224 of the Dalhousie Student Union Building where you can go to learn more about the campaign against PIRG.

You can also show up at the DSU's Annual General Meeting to share your views, and vote on the issue on Wednesday April 1st. Expect a long meeting. Bring your Dal Student ID.

Further reading:
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[29 Mar 2009|12:03am]

Hi there everyone!

My name is Jenifer, and I've opened up a new community for students that are either currently in pre-med, or are interested in the field of medicine. Its called Pre-Med Headaches, and can be found here: premedheadaches

Anyone who is interested in the field can feel free to join, and I'm sure Dalhousie has at least a few bright pre-med kids that can contribute to our discussions and ask their own questions. We'd really love to have you there!

Sorry if this post is spammy ;.; But I really do hope to see some of you there! Thanks!
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[15 Mar 2009|09:37pm]

Well, I was planning on posting the rest of the positions one a day, but a nasty bug plowed me over since Thursday, so that's out the window. You can always check out the DSU Elections website for the rest of the positions.

I really hope you do check them out and at least put something on the ballot when the time comes (March 17-19th), even if it's a NO vote for everything. At least you're telling the officials of your displeasure, instead of withholding it and then complaining when the system doesn't change.

Also, there will be a presidential debate tomorrow, at the Grawood, 6pm. Head out there and slam them with some hard questions for me, would ya?
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Election Post: Undergrad Senate Rep [12 Mar 2009|06:13pm]

A description of the position, from the DSU elections website:

The University Senate is...Collapse )
The info about each candidate is in their links, check 'em out and share any info you know! And I mean that, I know nothing about these guys (and this girl). :)
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Election Post: Referendum [11 Mar 2009|09:39am]

Only one Referendum in this year's election, but it's a pretty big one: Altering the Health Plan.

Not altering as in changing the coverage, but rather changing their ability to alter the cost of the same coverage. To quote The Referendum website:

"The DSU is not able to adjust the premiums of the Plan each year. Without the ability to adjust the premiums to account for inflationary costs (higher costs of claimed items) and claims experience (increased or decreased claims), the maintenance of our current standard of service may be at risk. If the premiums are not sufficient to cover the costs of claims, it may become necessary to reassess the services covered by the Plan in order for it to remain viable."

This means that every new school year when they charge for the health plan, they would be able to evaluate the new cost and charge accordingly. Increases in the economics of health care mean increased costs for the buyer of a health plan.

What do you think? Would inflation really be that bad that they require an adjustable rate? Is the Health Plan offered even useful to you? Is there a better way to offset a predicted cost?
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Election time again! [09 Mar 2009|04:15pm]

I didn't even know this was coming up, but it's DSU Elections Time! Head over, check the profiles, and see who you like best! Feel free to email them questions and concerns.

As the days pass, I'll be making posts about the issues and positions for a general topic, but feel free to discuss the candidates themselves. Please keep your talk away from simple shilling, and be polite!
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Feedback [08 Mar 2009|06:15pm]

I'd like to ask everybody to respond to this post, even if it's to say you don't care.

When I became maintainer of this community I was told that it was more of a hand-off position. So I let it run that way until a person came along, made a post about something I thought was fine, it informed students about a way to get some good discounts at a wide variety of stores. However, a few people here did not like this post, as although it was helpful, the poster was simply floating around LJ communities about students and putting in the same post in each. I decided I would let the post stand, and take a harder look at future posts. Between then and now, I've only removed one post, as it had nothing to do with Dal, Halifax, students or anything of the sort.

Today, there was the post you see about the event happening at Gus's Pub this Wednesday. It looked to me as though the poster was simply advertising for Gus's Pub, and as I didn't want this community to end up a spam dump, I asked why he thought it was a good idea to post it. I've since agreed with him and let the post stand as it was. However, he has called into question my methods and ability to maintain this community.

And so I ask you, the community; How do you feel I am doing? What types of posts should I allow, what ones should I remove?

I currently view apartment/roommate seeking, Posts from/about the Gazette, and basic goings-on at Dal as approved. I don't like advertising for something in Halifax unless it's got something to do with Students. And by "something to do with students," I mean that the event is specifically for, or has some aspect to it that is about students. Posts about events in Halifax that involve Dal have to involve Dal, not just have Dal mentioned. Sponsorship by Dal, Students that go to Dal but aren't representing Dal or any of its societies, programs, etc. do not count as "involving Dal."

I'd also like to ask: Is there anything you'd to see me post? Sales going on in Halifax that people might be interested in? Anything like that?

So, how about it?
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