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Lowest price, guaranteed.


I'd like to ask everybody to respond to this post, even if it's to say you don't care.

When I became maintainer of this community I was told that it was more of a hand-off position. So I let it run that way until a person came along, made a post about something I thought was fine, it informed students about a way to get some good discounts at a wide variety of stores. However, a few people here did not like this post, as although it was helpful, the poster was simply floating around LJ communities about students and putting in the same post in each. I decided I would let the post stand, and take a harder look at future posts. Between then and now, I've only removed one post, as it had nothing to do with Dal, Halifax, students or anything of the sort.

Today, there was the post you see about the event happening at Gus's Pub this Wednesday. It looked to me as though the poster was simply advertising for Gus's Pub, and as I didn't want this community to end up a spam dump, I asked why he thought it was a good idea to post it. I've since agreed with him and let the post stand as it was. However, he has called into question my methods and ability to maintain this community.

And so I ask you, the community; How do you feel I am doing? What types of posts should I allow, what ones should I remove?

I currently view apartment/roommate seeking, Posts from/about the Gazette, and basic goings-on at Dal as approved. I don't like advertising for something in Halifax unless it's got something to do with Students. And by "something to do with students," I mean that the event is specifically for, or has some aspect to it that is about students. Posts about events in Halifax that involve Dal have to involve Dal, not just have Dal mentioned. Sponsorship by Dal, Students that go to Dal but aren't representing Dal or any of its societies, programs, etc. do not count as "involving Dal."

I'd also like to ask: Is there anything you'd to see me post? Sales going on in Halifax that people might be interested in? Anything like that?

So, how about it?
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