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Lowest price, guaranteed.

Election Post: Referendum

Only one Referendum in this year's election, but it's a pretty big one: Altering the Health Plan.

Not altering as in changing the coverage, but rather changing their ability to alter the cost of the same coverage. To quote The Referendum website:

"The DSU is not able to adjust the premiums of the Plan each year. Without the ability to adjust the premiums to account for inflationary costs (higher costs of claimed items) and claims experience (increased or decreased claims), the maintenance of our current standard of service may be at risk. If the premiums are not sufficient to cover the costs of claims, it may become necessary to reassess the services covered by the Plan in order for it to remain viable."

This means that every new school year when they charge for the health plan, they would be able to evaluate the new cost and charge accordingly. Increases in the economics of health care mean increased costs for the buyer of a health plan.

What do you think? Would inflation really be that bad that they require an adjustable rate? Is the Health Plan offered even useful to you? Is there a better way to offset a predicted cost?
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