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Election Post: Undergrad Senate Rep

A description of the position, from the DSU elections website:

The University Senate is the highest academic governing body at Dalhousie. Its membership, consisting of students, faculty, deans, and administrators, is responsible for the establishment of policies and priorities and the implementation of such. There are four elected student representatives on the Dalhousie Senate, one of whom must be a graduate.

The Senate meets regularly throughout the year to receive committee reports/recommendations, approval of degrees and new academic programs, create/amend academic regulations, and advise the President on the University operating budget prior to its approval by the Board of Governors.

This group caucuses regularly to discuss and strategize on issues that are important to students. The representatives elected are those who advocate on behalf of students, along with the President and the VP Education.

Three undergrad positions, three undergrads running. Kinda takes a little excitement out of it, doesn't it? ;) Remember, however, that you can still not-vote for someone if you don't think they should be in the position at all.

The info about each candidate is in their links, check 'em out and share any info you know! And I mean that, I know nothing about these guys (and this girl). :)
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