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Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group

Hello Dalhousie,

For a moment I thought: "I am surprised that no one in the Dal community has posted anything about this" but then I thought maybe I should say something.

NSPIRG is a highly respected, community-based, student organization dedicated to informing the Dalhousie student body and general public in environmental and social matters that might otherwise fly under the radar. The group's stated mandate is "to link research with action for social and environmental justice within an anti-oppression framework." Since 1990 their office has been located at the SUB building and the bulk of their funding has come from the Dalhousie community.

Recently they have come under fire from "a group of students led by a recruiter for the provincial Young Progressive Conservatives (The Coast)," who have been circulating a petition in an attempt to undermine NSPIRG's funding, office, and cripple their ability to inform students and the public about current issues.

At 10:00 AM today, there will be a press conference in Room 224 of the Dalhousie Student Union Building where you can go to learn more about the campaign against PIRG.

You can also show up at the DSU's Annual General Meeting to share your views, and vote on the issue on Wednesday April 1st. Expect a long meeting. Bring your Dal Student ID.

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