Jennifer (nomemories) wrote in dalhousie,

Wanna live with me???


I'm a born-and-raised Nova Scotian moving back home in September for grad school at Dalhousie, and I'm looking for a place to live :)

I'm looking to share with two or three roommates, preferably older students (22+ ish, I'm almost 25), or at least, not party-people (sorry, I'm old and boring!). I have a cat, who is afraid of everything, so you'd never see her!

I've been stalking the Dal and SMU off-housing pages, but if anyone knows of other places to look, let me know!

I'll be in Halifax the first week of May, so I'm hoping to find a place/sign a lease/whatever then *crosses fingers*

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Hey! Just wondering if you've had any luck finding a place to rent. I am moving to halifax end of august/beginning of september for school and I'm looking for roomates too if you're still interested. =) I'm a 22 year old female who's pretty quiet and i'm looking for a cheap place within walking distance to the Dalhousie sexton campus. i found something here
I think the 3-bdrm will be ok price wise if shared between 3 people
Did you two find somewhere to live already? Or are you looking for another roommate?
I'm moving to Halifax in September for grad school at MSVU and SMU. I'm almost 25, have 2 cats, non-smoker, queer-positive, vegetarian, quiet and clean.
I'll be in Halifax from July 4-7 to look at places / meet potential roommates and hopefully find a place.