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Opinions for Living??

My boyfriend of many years and I are moving to Halifax to attend Dalhousie (or well, for me to attend Dalhousie) in August - and we've decided to live at Ogilvie on the Park. We've done a lot of internet research for other options (as far as I can tell) and I think this is a good fit for us. We've spoken with the property management people and the building supervisor and all that, and it sounds great, but I am still doing this long distance so I was wondering if anyone had any personal experiences that I should be aware of? Or nods of approval??

Thank you so much!! And see you in three months!!

EDIT: After some very insightful replies, it seems like maybe Ogilvie isn't the best fit for us... Does anyone have other opinions/personal experiences at other buildings? Previously, we've looked at Somerset Place and The Welsford (both with Cap Reit management company), as well as the Morris St buildings and Pepperell St buildings with Southwest management company - if anyone has opinions on those in particular =)

About us: We're willing to pay up to $900 for a 1 bedroom and up to $1000 for a 1 bedroom and den, we prefer carpet. He will be working at the Bay (at West End Mall) or in Dartmouth depending where he gets his transfer and we are intending on getting a car for him, unless public transit works out well. I intend on public transit/walking/biking to Dalhousie. And, like everyone else, we like trouble-free, convenient, clean living. We don't have pets (but might if we could) and I am rather bugs/spiders-phobic. We're relaxed, quiet, homey people, and don't really like to hear our neighbours. Convenience and quality of suite/building is important, but we do realize there is a price that comes with it.
(The choice of Ogilvie on the Park was very much the fact that it wasn't a brick building - we don't have anything against brick buildings, it's really just that there are little/no brick buildings in Vancouver and we didn't know what to expect from brick building living if it's any different... If anyone could reassure me that brick buildings are awesome and/or suitable)?
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