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Some questions

Hi there, i'm interested(by that, i mean i am absolutely obsessed with the idea of going out to Dalhousie come september) in applying at Dal for social sciences, Dal offers great programs i haven't been able to find anywhere else. I just have a couple of questions i would like answered before i even go out there to visit.

1)I fell in love with Sheirrif hall, and it says that it's co-ed as well as female only. I actually would hate to be in a female-only floor, does anyone know if i can specify this when i fill out my residence application.
2)Maybe it's very cliche of me, but being a first year student i do want to party, and i do want to whole experience of res. i'm from Hamilton, and i love partying at MAC, they let you get as drunk as you can handle, as long as your not causing problems, or have open alcohol in the halls. is it like that for everyschool? All of the people i party with at Mac are underage, so i was wondering if Dal was kind of laid back about that too
3)What are the malls there? I love shopping, and i would love to know what's the shopping/restaurant scene there
4)I really want a roommate, just for the fact that it would be nice to have like an initial friend, seeing as i'm going to be more than 20 hours away from home, and going there all alone. Is it wise for me to want a roommate? Do they match us up effectively, or will i end up with my worst enemy? I normally like everysingle person i meet, which is why i think i could learn to love my roomie
5)Does the school have any deals on flights? since when i come home, i will have to fly home.
6)Most schools are now having 2 reading weeks. Does Dal have two?...or are they considering it for next year?
7)Is it realistic for me to think that i can come home once a month? All my savings i'm going to use for flying home, but is it realistic for me to have the time to come home? I wouldn't come home in september or November-so not exactly every month
8)Is frosh week a great platform to meet people? I'm extremely social, but there is still that nagging feeling that i won't meet anyone-since like i mentioned, i'm going there by myself.

Thank you, sorry that was so long
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